Our services

You will find a complete overview of our services on this page.

Taxes and tax consultancy

In tax matters, we offer a full service regarding tax returns and tax consultancy. A postponement of 3 months for filing an income tax return is a matter of course. The main objective is total tax optimization.


Accounting is very important not only for putting together tax returns for taxes on income and VAT, but also for good corporate governance and strategic decision making. Let your accounting be professionally and effectively run.

Tax records

Tax records are intended for all self-employed persons who do not have double-entry bookkeeping and will not report their expenses as a “flat rate” (as a percentage of revenue). Tax records are based on records of income and expenditure, records of receivables and payables, and asset records.

If a client does not have large expenses, he/she can use flat-rate spending. In that case, only income, receivables, payables and assets are recorded. Flat-rate spending is therefore less demanding.

Payroll agenda

For companies that have employees, we also process payroll agendas. From the conclusion of employment contracts to monthly salaries, annual billing to the termination of employment.